My first post!

Hi! I’m excited to start blogging about some of my crafts, home remedies and other misc. home ideas. A little about me… My name is Kortni and I’m 25.  I am engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. I love life! And kids. They sure can say funny things. I am an auntie and can’t wait to have my own. I am currently on a liver transplant list and there are days that I can barely get out of bed. That is where my craftiness comes into play. I know that God is going to heal me! It’s exciting and I am determined. You can check out more about my story at  (Post date edit: 8/31/2011… I had two liver transplants two weeks ago, my sister and a 2nd donor after the first transplant failed)

I have decided to name this blog doodle @ home because when I was little I couldn’t say Kortni and somehow it came out kocki which somehow turned into cock a doodle do. Don’t ask me! 🙂 I have a fun and crazy family. So growing up my family called me doodle. I just figured it was fun and quirky name, besides I like the “@” symbol. I’m quite random and have learned to enjoy the things I did as a child because well, sickness can be rough. Now that you know a little about me and blog… I guess it is time to start catching up on old projects and getting them blogged!

I pray that God would bless you on this glorious day and don’t ever forget to enjoy the little things!


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