Old Projects

A Beautiful Day For A Picnic Date

One morning I decided to make a picnic and fruit bouquet for CP (my fiance). I took a blanket, made a veggie/cheese plate and this fruit bouquet and took it out to a empty field that overlooked the country. It was amazing! . It was so simple, I just stuck a cabbage inside the container, used some cookie cutters for the flower shapes of the pineapple and then I just put the rest of the fruit onto the skewers. (Also, I added some candy for him at the base)

It’s not my best bouquet because I got pretty fatigued.  Of course, he loved it though!


A Cupcake A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

(….perhaps in my dreams but those are some yummy dreams!)

My oldest sister and I took a cupcake decorating class. She is really into decorating cakes, that is her hobby. I thought it would be fun. These are my cupcakes I decorated! I was pretty proud of myself.


Once Upon A Time, My Fiance Wanted A Tattoo

My fiance has always wanted a tattoo of a superman symbol with a C in it (for his name). Well, that’s not really my thing. That is why he waited, to make sure it was ok with his future wife (lucky me!)I don’t want to be 80 years old with a loose, discolored tattoo. However, he really loved this design, so I decided to get him his “tattoo” for Christmas one year.

So, what do you think? He absolutely loved it! It’s a giant comforter/quilt/blanket. (Sorry for the bad cell phone picture)


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